Thursday, May 14, 2009

Satans Eighties Lovechild

Satan’s Eighties Lovechild (Jacob Bond) is a Producer (and part-time DJ) that has grown up in Denver, Colorado. He first started his musical training at a young age, and has had the opportunity to be the lead in a terrific local new-wave indie bad named Le Ballet (2005-2008). When the band separated to pursue careers and collegiate opportunities, Jacob Bond (SELC) started producing his own indie-electro tracks, introducing his own new style of Electro-Dance fusion. One of the best and brightest young talents in the Northern Hemisphere! Check him out or Contact him at :

Satans Eighties LoveChild tracks:

God Sold His Keyboards -

Minutes To Die -

The Iron Dance Company -

Louis La Roche - Distant Lovers (SELC Remix) -

The Chain Gang of 1974 - We At The Disco (SELC Remix) -

Le Ballet - Still Inferno (SELC Remix) -

AIR DUBAI - Party On! (SELC Remix) -

Renegades - Control (SELC Remix) -

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