Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Kry-lon !

Kry-Lon , has awesome artwork and fun electro bangers, their new remix of “James Brown Is Dead” is gnar! Both kids in this duo are only 16-years old and currently working on a new EP “We Are Gold.” These 16-year old Mexican producers (Kry-Lon) are currently working on "We are Gold" featuring original tracks and banger ass remixes, they just hooked up a few new ones. They really bring that new bassline thunderfunk style with originals and remixes alike. Using heavy bass, fresh melodies, and lots of samples, Kry-Lon makes sure to represent the youth! Make sure to check out these rad rad kids!

L.A. Style - James Brown Is Dead (Kry-Lon Is Fucking Dead Remix)

S.P.A. - Pets Dance (Kry-Lon Remix)

Kry-lon - Kissing The Air

Kry-lon - Virtual Vice

Kry-Lon - 2015

Fckn Crew - Challenger (Krylon Rework)

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