Friday, January 15, 2010

Jay Reatard (R.I.P.)

Jimmy Lee Lindsey Jr. (a.k.a. Jay Reatard
) died in his sleep January 13th, at his home in Memphis. (I would assume a combination of pain meds (opiates) and booze, like most famous people who die in their sleep [RIP Heath]) . He was 29.
After hearing the terrible news from a friend, i can understand how deeply disappointed people were with the death of this terrific musician. I wasn't really into him like some of my band, however this doesn't discredit how great the music was. Anytime someone dies its a terrible thing but when its a well known musician, it really hits home. Jay Reatard hangs in my bathroom, where the poster of his second oldest album tour reminds me just how fragile life truely is. God Speed..

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

So you like your cell phone eh?

Think you like your iphone now? Wait until the next generation of cell phones comes out with HD projectors in them. Thanks to a new technology created by "Pico", basically any kind of electronic device that can fit this new chip can play movies or display pictures, and possibly video games. A small (soon to be HD) lens will project the image or movie! CRAZY RIGHT!?!? Portable HD movies on your 80GB HD iphone... cant wait..

"I love the idea of being able to, say, that I can project a HD movie from my iPhone onto the back of an airline seat, or as a backdrop for any DJ in the club"