Wednesday, June 30, 2010


has released a new album and announced a tour for the forth coming year. This album has the same new-wave/synthpop sound the Devo is so popular for, as well as a newer electro type of vibe.
I've been listening to the new Devo album, Something For Everybody, and all i can say is that
it makes me want to dance. The vocals are borderline ridiculous, but like any good Devo track, there lies a fine line between seriousness and sarcasm.

DOWNLOAD THIS TORRENT (download entire album here)

(Singles from Something For Everybody)

Tuesday, June 1, 2010


My band recently had the opportunity to perform with a great new group called Tennis. The group (consisting of husband and wife, Alaina and Patrick) are among the best up & coming duos in the indie scene. Their music consists of soothing melodramatic vocals, smooth classic distorted guitar, soft percussion, with a perfect amount of bright organ. They will be releasing a press of their single "South Carolina" shortly (Click Here for Link to Buy).
The two were inspired, like most of us, by a venture to unfamiliar territory; the open sea. Look for them to be around your part of the world soon enough... in their sailboat, if you're lucky!

Here are a couple tracks that they allowed me to share with you, check em' out..