Monday, June 22, 2009

Gentlemen Drivers

French duo Gentlemen Drivers , best known for their fresh banger and italo tracks. Gentlemen Drivers, are composed of Michael and Benoit, who’ve done smashing remixes for The Teenagers, Klaxons, etc. This track “2042 LA Dreams” sounds like the electro-dance soundtrack to a youth crazed, 2-steppin' dance floor! Peep some of their stuff!

Myspace:Gentlemen Drivers

Gentlemen Drivers (ft. SoKo) – Beat Her (direct link)

Oh! (Gentlemen Driver's Remix) - We Have Band

Gentlemen Drivers – Nationale 66

Klaxons (Gentlemen Drivers Remix Ft. Soko) - Not over yet

Gentlemen Drivers – 2042 LA Dreams (FAV!)

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